Dream by Wombo - how to generate an AI ARTWORK based on IMAGE INPUT? FULL GUIDE

here is stream by wumbo app and let's just explore how you can generate air art just based on your image so i just tap plus i don't need to actually to create an account or to sign up so you just download the app and then here i can just tap select an image here you can just give access to your images and for example this is the photo i want to select i can crop the photo so for example i just want the image of this lamp then i just tap next and this is the lamp uh i can adjust influence what that means uh so of course like the image you select will be used as a reference for the final output and uh there are different levels of influence in in this app so default influence your input image has some effect on the final artwork minor influence your input image has little effects on the final artwork and major influencer input image has a large effect on the final artwork so in this video let's just try to generate uh with the different influence types uh yeah to see um yeah how it will reflect so then i'll just okay i'll say lamp and then i will select uh like some style and then let's choose strong influence so then i'll just have this image and i need to wait a bit and then let's see how it works so basically right now app starts working and there you have it so this is the image which was generated with strong influence this is ai image as you can see it just took few seconds and ai algorithm just generated this image which is pretty fantastic so now let's select a normal influence meaning that your image won't have that much influence on ai generated image and are using the same style and now let's see how that works so now i algorithm will use input image in in less less way so this time image can be a bit more different and now you can see that there are some like different colors different shapes on different backgrounds [Music] and now it keeps creating it just takes some time so probably like like default influence uh it just takes more time probably because it's more complicated for algorithm but like i'm not sure it's just my thoughts okay so this is the common error if like if it takes too much time then it's just not generating but then let's try to use weak and maybe at least you will get some preview actually a lot of people say that some of their previews of the images are better than than final image and it would be a nice feature in dreamboat wombo app to have this like post options where you can just pause and generate uh like some and save the image from this middle stage not from the final stage so now you can see minimum influence so then image is completely like random and very general and uh like lamp is just barely under visible here so that's basically how it looks right now so at least you can get the idea i personally liked when it was a strong influence it's just generated uh it just generated pretty close to image and it was pretty pretty high quality so other than that hope you have a nice overview

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