gemsouls app - HOW TO USE? Full overview

here is gemsol's app which is getting more and more popular uh and this app offers you uh like an ability to chat with bots so the whole idea of the app is that uh yeah um you can just add and accept all these people but they're not like real uh people there uh their ai chatbots so they're basically ai models with who you chat and the more you chat with them the more uh the more uh personal your chat will be because this ai model is being trained so it just depends you can add all these friends and you can start chatting with them and then yeah the more you chat the better the the answers are but sometimes they're not that good it's like really bad quality but sometimes some conversations really feel like you're chatting with real person uh so here let's just try to chat a bit to see an example how it is like with chatting with ai bot um and then depending on your replies and you can also send these actions in the bottom left you can also take a photo or choose from library so that that part i don't know anyways so you can see it's okay some replies are dumb but some replies actually good so like the point is that you can chat here and probably heard about another app which is called chai that also has similar concept here you can select all the like bots and their interests is who you want to chat you can search them you can discover them in in the in the friends step you can explore more and sometimes this app is more like a combination of real people and chatbots you can also create your own mini stories and then there is your account so you need to create your account already and then then you can also earn the code the referral code so this is uh this you can see that already like 17 people joined you can use this referral code y70 b3 so you can join with that code uh and yeah then i will earn some points i don't know like what's uh the the point of the point um gym souls is an artificial intelligent platform empowering connections between virtual characters and the real world what can you do with stars you can use stars to unlock characters and topics how can you get more stars you as you can see you can either invite refer people or you can chat more and build more connections what is the mini story a mini story is worth that you can put into your friend's mom you can decide what your friend will say what happens in their day so that's that and then you can always contact support here and that's basically that you can check out their account on discord tick tock instagram and that's the app so uh like the whole point of it is like you seen why would you do that how why why why is that funny but if you just try to you know chat a bit with this area but you can find that is pretty entertaining and then you can just even don't not distinguish that you are chatting with the bot not with a real uh usual person so there you have it and then yeah if you want to add friends you can just discover here if you want to add all these different watts featured bots all of them you need some stars to to add them so that's basically what it is um um so yeah that's the idea uh i hope this is helpful that was a quick overview and now you have a better idea how to use jamsol's app

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