here is locate widget app and in case you want to add friends just tap in the top left part and here you will see the tab your friends and in locate widget at this moment you can add 10 friends no more it was possible to add five friends when this app was released few months ago now it's increased to 10 friends and then you just need to tap add new friend how it works basically you just need to give access to your iphone contacts so there is no other way to add friends in this app right now it's not possible to sync facebook friends or just to search friends by username so you just yeah just send that and then you you can just basically you know sand it like this and then you will have um this uh new message opened so basically uh and then you just invite them to the app basically they also need to download locket widget app and add you as a friend on their own vr of your iphone contacts uh there is no like a specific like you know invitation code for specific friend you just add them in the app they also download the app and add you so this is their process right now uh yeah it's a beard it's a bit strange but this is what it is probably the app will develop in future um but uh yep that's how it works uh also you can just go to your setting that might like lock it or just find the app and make sure that you get access to to the contacts so for example here is the app and you can just tap there yeah and here you have contacts in the top so allow locket access contacts so you need to to have this toggle enabled in order to be able to to add friends

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