hey everyone so how to delete account in damos app so just open your profile in top left go to settings scroll to the bottom and then you see the option to delete the account then just tap on that and maybe there is one additional step or just follows the instructions I don't want to delete uh like right away because I just created it but that's what you can do and then also the recent option just to clear cache and yeah so that's the idea so damus is just like a web client like a front like a front-end client for the Noster protocol and Noster protocol is uh yeah one of the like most popular protocols these days for social media which is basically a collection of relays some sort of servers where users can store their messages so I'm just going through that it's much more decentralized but you still can delete your account on demos it's not like a blockchain app where you just credit your account and you can't delete it here yes you can delete your account but uh for example if there is there is this relays and you are banned from one of relays you still keep your identity and your followers um so yeah it's kind of like it's not centralized app like Twitter but it's not completely completely decentralized like blockchain this is just like my subjective side so that's the idea

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