How to delete account in Paired app?

to delete an account in pirate app just tap on your icon in top right and then you can type here delete account we start to see you go you're deleting all your data progress and relationship history if your part is your partner won't be able to see your answers anymore if you have premium subscriptions you will still need to delete from your apple google id so deleting your account doesn't delete your subscription deleting your account is irreversible you won't be able to restore it even if you use the same credentials then you just need to tap i agree to delete my account and tap delete my account in the bottom so that's it so you just deleted your account and that's basically it so just be careful as you can see this is like super easy there is no additional confirmation step and all your history and all of that can be gone but it's it's also good that i include this option because uh you know if some people are concerned about about personal data and all of that that's i really enjoy that apps have this feature because other apps you know try to hide this from you you need to call some support center to delete your account and all of that but there you have it

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