How to get an idea who sent you message on NGL from Instagram?

Hello everyone. Here is Instagram. If you just posted NGL link, which is going viral, you can see at least some activity in the bottom left corner. And at least you can see who sought, who view this story. This can be an idea for you to understand maybe who replied to this story because yes, this is like publicly available data. And then maybe you will be able to see who seen that.

But still in NGL app, if you want to know who sent this, you still won't be able to identify it. So you will need to upgrade, but then even if you upgrade, the hints this app is given for the pro-subscription are not that good as I've read in the app reviews. You get hints like "someone who uses iPhone" or "someone from New York" or something like that. So it's very unpprecise hints, but still in combination with some Instagram analytics and here, maybe you can really identify it. So yeah, that can be a solution.

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