How to remove Microsoft Bing extension from Google Chrome?

all Microsoft bin search extension from chrome so instead in case you try it out you install being at the default search and yeah like for any other reasons and then you just try it out and you then you don't like it you want to change back to Google or something like that yeah you can just search for again for this extension in the Chrome web store then just tap remove from chrome or you can just go into the list of your extensions here and find uh you can tap manage extensions and okay there are many other extensions and then you can just tap remove and tap remove so there you have it that's how you uh like remove this extensions or like two ways how to do it but keep in mind if you want to move faster in the white list uh to to join uh the new or being quiz chart GPT yeah it's in your interest just to yeah to have uh that extension installed and use it for a while to have access to the new uh being Christian GPT

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