so to save or export image in dream by wombo app when you generated it again you have multiple options first you can just publish here tap on the button and bottom left and when you publish it will appear in the in the feed in your feed then you can just tap share it then you will share it to the other users um but the the way to do it is just tap in top right and then you can download as original and that's how you can save it or export and then it's just saved and it will be saved to your camera roll so i i'll just have it here so this is how it looks like uh it says prompt in the bottom left it means this is your search term is which you searched it still has these watermarks and these borders like one bottle art like wombo logo in the bottom right it's not possible to remove all of that at this moment and also the resolution is like i think 9 19 20 to 1080 pixels something around it so it's not like super high quality resolution still so and i i read also in discord that they're planning to release the next version which is much higher resolution so something around that um hope this can be helpful thank you for watching

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