in this video i will show you a cool trick how you can send notes on widget share app so if you're using noted drawing widget it's amazing app but it doesn't work on android and you can't upload photos there or pictures from camera roll so here in widget share you can actually send both photos and notes and also use it on android so with your friends who have android phones so just tap on the brush in top right and then you can just you know tap this icon in top part and then you can just use the brush you can just change the color you can select the size and then yeah you can just draw it like this or something um and then yep basically then you are just able to save it and send just by tapping send so i like the one minus here is just a bit the design is a bit more complicated in note it's a locket widget it's much more like understandable or straightforward how to use that here it's a bit uh weird but other than that this is a cool app which works on android where you can send notes you can send pictures and photos so yeah try it out

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