here is tunami cartoon photo editor app and i would actually recommend you to uninstall and delete this app so to do it you can just swipe and then you can just search for tune me and then tap and hold and then tap to delete that so you can do that or you can swipe to the very right and then go to your app library and you can just search there because for sure this app will be an app library because sometimes if in my case i have like so many apps and the new apps are not specifically added to new screens so then i can just tap and hold and then i can just delete the app here from the app library so that's what you can do uh yeah because there are some especially there are concerns with the privacy on tuneme app because you're uploading your photos and like you can create selfies with them um but yep uh like there is some concerns like that this data is handed properly there are some like reports that this is actually a russian app and all of that so i would just recommend you to delete it

How to Uninstall programs on Window...
How to Uninstall programs on Windows?
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