How to use Hulu with Facetime Shareplay?

so hulu has a new viral feature uh whereas i am introducing shareplay so shareplay you can now watch content from the hulu with friends and family over facetime so that's a new cool feature shareplayer was introduced a while ago in the new updates that version of facetime so here if you just create a link and and just you know just create a new facetime meeting you can a lot of apps there including hulu so let's just uh explore that so who will share play because i didn't use shareplay a lot in our first time calls so there you have it to use the feature on hula face time call participant will launch the whole app and tap share button followed by the share play option just launch the shareplay experience but either on the facetime call could watch the same content you think with our family and friends they were also hulu subscribers so yeah you need to update to the latest version of ios uh 15 and then there are other apps which you can use we share play like tick tock twitch and bay paramount plus show time and all of that um so it's an interesting feature so definitely give it a try update to ios 15 update to the latest hulu app subscribe and check it out of course you can watch like you know movies or just like you know facebook messenger or like messenger app you can use rave to watch some of the channels um there are a bunch of other apps you can launch together our zoom of course or google meet but maybe it's just easier if you're using iphone facetime maybe is one of the best options

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