LIVESTATUS app is an exclusive app that enables users to share their daily moments and experiences with friends, partners, and family members. The app is designed to offer an experience that feels like face-to-face communication, allowing users to share their status updates and get instant feedback from their loved ones. In this article, we provide a full overview of how to use LIVESTATUS app and explore its various features.

To get started, you need to install the LIVESTATUS app on your device and register with your valid email ID. Once you have successfully registered, you can explore the app's features and start using it to share your daily moments with your friends and family.

Here's a comprehensive guide on how to use LIVESTATUS app:

  1. Explore the app's features LIVESTATUS app offers different features that cater to the needs of users. You can explore these features and discover what you like. For instance, you can post your status updates, see the music your friends are listening to, keep track of the time you have spent with your partner, and receive reminders of your anniversary. You can also install home lock screen widgets, which enable your partners to view your images at any time, and lower map mode, which allows you and your partner to view each other's location.
  2. Add the home lock screen widgets To add the home lock screen widgets, tap on the widget's icon and add the LIVESTATUS widget to your lock screen. You can select the type of widget you prefer and customize it to your liking.
  3. Share your moments with friends Upload photos or take a photo and add your status. You can then send it to your friends. The photo will appear in the chat, and it will also appear in the widget. You can also draw things, send text notes, upload photos from your camera, send videos, and even add unlimited friends.
  4. Use coins for advanced features LIVESTATUS app enables users to earn coins by watching ads or buying them. You can use these coins for advanced features, such as counter, phone status, complete challenges together, and set your mood and your partner's mood.
  5. Invite friends You can invite friends to the app by inviting them to enter your code. Once they enter the code, they can view your status updates, and you can view theirs.
  6. Create a group You can create a group with your friends and share your daily moments together. You can share images, videos, and notes, and keep track of each other's status updates.
  7. Download your information If you don't want to use LIVESTATUS app anymore, you can delete your account and download your information.

In conclusion, LIVESTATUS app is a unique app that enables users to share their daily moments, connect with friends, and get instant feedback. With its various features and capabilities, the app provides a fun and delightfully surprising dating experience. Whether you want to use it for friends or lovers, LIVESTATUS app is definitely worth trying. So, why not explore its features and share your moments with your loved ones today.

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