Is Locket Widget app on Apple Watch, iPad or iPod?

here one so is locket widget available on ipad apple watch ipod or yep you know imac so the way to check it if you just go to the app store in case you're searching you can just go to like description of the app and here you will see that it's only says iphone if there would be an ipad app it would also say like ipad so i i guess it's only available on iphone it's not available on android not on ipad um not on apple watch or imac so that's it is what it is but it's it's an amazing app but i think it's just developed by one developer or like a small team so just give give them some time to push these changes for example if you go to another app you see that there are like iphone and ipad apps that will be noted in the app store uh but yep locket widget is only available on iphone so just don't search it on apple watch or ipad and don't see like why why isn't there what is the bug

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