MD BLANK Transparent Widget - can’t add widget

here is very interesting app transparent widget for your iphone home screen which is called md blank so probably you've heard about these popular widgets like locket widget noted we just be real there is one md vinyl widget so these are all like widgets after which are available after ios 14 where you can add something to your home screen either some weather widget news some pictures notes and all of that but this app is just creates a blank area on your home screen pick the size added the position then you're done you can learn press to add text displays in the widget so there you have it let's just try it out set a clear background for a widget so here you can select light or dark and then for example let's just try to do it so for example i tap and hold i see the app jiggling and then i'm just searching for empty or trans okay it doesn't work uh uh and then okay we just do not support using clear backgrounds so basically uh open system settings wallpaper type the picture on the right then turn off the perspective zoom touch and hold blank area on the home screen until the apps you go switch to dark mode and then set this grand screenshot and then edit widget and okay so you still need to take like a screenshot but for example if i had just have some picture anyhow so uh okay so first you need to do a screenshot of the of your home screen so that's how it's done i don't know

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