- what is it? Project preview

uh so moon birds xyz what's that um so let's just explore it seems it's launching on april 16th uh official proof pfp you you can uh register to win a spot on the allow list there is some mint in price uh and then mint begins in this period moon birds are more than just an avatar they're a collection of ten thousand utility enabled pfps that feature a reachy diverse and unique pool of rarity power traits what's more each moonboard unlocks pride club membership and additional benefits the longer you hold them we call it nesting because obviously a collection build visitility and community at the foundation uh so that's about that you can nest in your one bird [Music] so there you have it so that's an overview of that project the official proof xyz pfp 10 000 onwards taking flight on april 16th so you can yeah just prepare yourself for that and then there is like some premium um so yeah do you want to learn more about that just visit their twitter website comment under this video

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