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Hey everyone in this episode, let's just go through as usual and explore some trending apps recently, which I just stumbled upon, and I usually just do a video overviews of these apps. Yeah, so so you can have an idea what are those apps and maybe you can just try them out and all of that. So one of the apps which is getting some attention is called minute by minute news and news app. So it's number one in the US charts on the App Store, in magazines and news. Newspapers. So Yep. So you can just go there and download it. Why this app is like it's in the top charts because I think it has some relation to like you know, right wing like maybe Donald Trump or something. But the whole idea is it's not related to that. The whole idea is that this app pretends to be some kind of source of neutral news because there is a huge huge niche for that. For people are quite disappointed both on the left and on the right. Boss in Fox News. What's in CNN and Fox News. Like you know when media is becoming? Not. That, like neutral and there are just so many opinions on both sides and sometimes people just want like neutral news. So this app pretends to have that. So what this says in the App Store description, minute by Minute News, delivers corrected news that cuts through the censorship mainstream bias and institutional dominance that has lapsed society. Divided and misinformed, the platform allows users to access the news that matters, particularly when it's being ignored. Updated minute by minute with news coverage from a diversity of publications and topics. Readers have one stop to be informed and stay informed. So that's the app, basically. And yeah, uhm, so that's why it pretends to to be like this neutral source. If you download the app though, you still need to create an account for some reason and a lot of people are quite annoyed. Like why do we need to create an account? Especially if you're pretending to be like this free. The neutral source of news. But anyways, you create an account and then you can just access all the news. The app itself doesn't produce any content and it just uses API's or something just to get news from all other sources. So for me it's also like why. Yeah, like how this app decides that these new sources are. 1st, As a verified second, how it creates this like neutrality, balance so you have. Like this kind of news from the lab, this kind of news from the right. This neutral news and all of that because so far it's just like a curated list of the news. So anyways, overall I think still this is kind of more the app for right wing audience and they're like so their view on that. How dare you have a talking about other apps like CNN, really CNN? So there was a huge anticipation. For. For this app, basically you don't need any other app. You can just go to CNN app, download it and then there is like a new release, a new tab which you can find in the bottom and center which is called CNN. C9 Plus is only available in. In the United States at this moment, so you can't access this access it like outside of United States. So. That's a bit bitty and a lot of people are like if you launch this much anticipated project in which you are working for such a long time, it's a good idea to have a global launch, because for example, when I'm in Europe, I just want to watch CNN and it's not accessible. So what should I do? So there you have it, by the way. Right now you have some. Uhm? Like a deal and if you sign up now on a monthly basis, you can get CNN plus four for like double 50% off. So there you have it and then what's what is about? So basically you have some additional shows where you can. You can watch some. Now some exclusive shows is your favorite CNN host, like Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, and you can watch some exclusives. Also, there is something like interview club where you can participate in community and ask some questions. And yeah, you can just get some just more content, and I think the prices. Wait, I I forgot, is it like the 699 or. 599 per month. But again. I think you can right now. You can get it cheaper if you buy pay monthly. Yearly plan is not changed. So. So 599 or you can pay 299 if you upgrade now. Yeah, so there you have it. And of course this this service is ad free streaming. You can also see live news and all of that, but then you still need to add your TV provider. And then they have this CNN plus available on Apple TV on Fire TV on Android phones on iPhones. So you can just get all of that. Maybe more devices will be added some. Some of the shows which you can get Anderson Cooper full circle both files is Poppy Harlow Jake Tapper's book club. Parenting guide parental guidance to Anderson Cooper, no mercy, no miles with Scott Galloway. Uhm, so that's that. Yeah, so just some interesting content. Let's see how it goes. I think it's a very much anticipated product from CNN and it kind of tries to get into this. Netflix subscription media, subscription space and all of that. So there you have it. Uhm? Yeah, interesting app for sure. Then another app in this highlight in this roundup is Finch self car video, so this app is also skyrocketed in the in the. App Store rankings. It has over 35,000 rankings so far. It's number one and health and fitness charts. And what the idea of this app? So basically it's like a self healing self care, daily motivational app tracking journal and where you can set up goals for your day. You can complete this calls. You can listen to rain sounds. You can do some meditation. You can check out meditation or quotes. You can, you know. Take deep breaths is and all of that. But in all of that you create your own self care pad. Which you can give a name like beep oh or like whatever, just just you can call him somehow. But I think why it kind of went so viral because it just has this feature of adding a widget to the home screen. So that's the idea. Like if you just, you know, have some motivational app and you need to open it up, login up, go and do something. It's a bit complicated, but this app just offers this very like cartoonish. Fidget, which you can just add on your home screen and then every day when you open your phone you can just instantly see. See that. Like a path and and then you are just inspired by that to to like you know go and set your motivational quotes to to check out on your motivation to take on your daily goals. And then depending on that your self care path just changes his action and all of that. So there you have it. That's an interesting concept and interesting development. This this app just basically has everything you need for motivation. Usually I would think you can just focus on 2/3 features like you know, just quotes like take a deep breath and just set daily goals, but it just has so much more it has all the quizzes, everything and then you can upgrade to finish plus. So interesting app for sure. Definitely give it a try and check out how it works. I also did overviews of fire locate widget and noted drawing apps which also have this like widget functionality's. And I think this is just a new wave where finally this videos are being explored at the full capacity, because on Android fonts you have, you had videos forever, but on iPhones you didn't have vidiots and like widgets. Just this like big chunks of your screen which can be filled either by some app or by some notifications, or buy some screens. It's a super powerful feature by itself, so. The other parts that keep exploring it, and they prove that it's actually super powerful, so the last app I want to highlight today is called Eva. No, I want to tell you why. So it's called Ava transcribed voice to text. You would ask like what's so specific and interesting about it, like you have author you have like, just like countless apps you can subscribe your voice just in Google Docs. So many apps that descript. Like all of that. Rather be to be apps but. This app, originally I think it offered help to the like people, his problems, his death, deaf people and all of that and just you know helping? People with hearing problems to transcribe some. Like, transcribe some voice and just have like help to communicate, but there is a cool feature in this app which is really I think, super interesting and that's why this app is in top chart in social networking category. So basically you can create like a group chat. You can add people and instead of writing in Group chat everyone can just speak to the app and then it transcribes quite really precisely. Your voice to the chat and then you can just communicate like that in the chat, so I never seen this approach before. Like of course in. For example, if you want to create a group chat, let's just go through which options do you have. So of course, for example in WhatsApp, you can just text to each other. Then you can send voice messages, but then still you need to hear them. Then the next option you can create a voice chat itself, but then you really need to communicate just with voice like clubhouse. Then you can create like a video call in Messenger for like 5 people. But what if you just want to talk to your phone and then messages appear themselves? And you don't need to type. So overall, that's why I think this Eva app is cool, because this offers this new feature to, you know. Just talk to your phone and transcribe and transform that in the chat. And of course, and also you have this translation option where people can just talk in different languages. It will automatically translate. Get into English and then put that into a group chat or bad Daniel need to upgrade and you need to upgrade if you want to have a better quality of transcription. So that's that. So yeah, interesting, so I think it's interesting feature in the social networking app, so definitely there is some super cool interesting experience in that app. So definitely give it a try as well. So thank you for listening. Subscribe to this podcast. Wherever you listen to and, let's catch up in future episodes.

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