hello in case you are looking for noted widget app on android it's not available um so if i can just search for it it's not available but we're gonna go through like um yeah some alternative which is called oops uh big share so that's the app where you can share some pics uh using widgets on android phones so i guess that's the app here no that's not the one so there are a bunch of apps here there are a bunch of apps which are called picture some of them are not available but basically you need to search big share android or something and of course you should do that on android phone but i guess that's the app which yes i just also posted that video so that's the picshare app which you can find and uh just search for that in the uh in the play store i just can't find it so the idea is the same as locket widget you can just share different photos uh with your friends and if you have widgets these videos can be placed on the home screen or any other parts and then basically yeah that's how it works but i'm not sure if you can share also notes there so not sure if it's a complete alternative to the choose the noted drawing widget now that's not the one for sure and this can be found and here is some website writing there about it um so yeah anyways um hope at least that was helpful uh thank you for watching

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