Roadstr car app - quick overview & how to use

this video we're gonna go through quick overview of roadster app uh it's a social media for car enthusiasts so if you like driving cars if you like to participate in uh car events um like you want to participate in test drive or some uh you know like philanthropic events for this driving and check out maybe you have some local community excited about vintage cars so that's definitely enough for you to try it out it's a free app it's like twitter for car lovers easily discard local meets and events know which cars are going and social network made for auto enthusiasts drive your passion by creating real connections with fellow enthusiasts find local car events and start spontaneous current meetups join local and global car clubs and share your best car photos and links to your favorite articles and videos all with an app designed just for the motoring world ignite a new level of excitement about and beyond the usual social networking experience so that's the app [Music] so yeah let's just open it up to see what you can expect from the app so it's it's available around the world uh it's just uh yeah like some countries have more events and ideas like events related to this app other countries have less so this app is quite popular in uk in united states and specific states so for example in in la you can see so many events around it so you can see different dots on on the map and these are public events you can see like club you want like classics on the hill uh classic uh car club car show and then you can just have fun there like in la and then there are the different events uh for example you can support ukraine by driving which can be part of the bigger fundraiser then you can check out this event about like sport cars which you can drive some like test drives [Music] and there are a lot of these like points of interest which you can check out so this is an app for drivers where other drivers are adding interesting spots so that's kind of cool and then yeah all these kind of events where you can just you know hang out with people who have similar interests and just drive there and have fun then there is like a feed or it's like twitter but you need to be located i guess either in us or uk to get a lot of recommendations then there are events [Music] then there are there is discovery feed people just posting their cool cars yes so this heart looks like and then you can create you can create your group you can create root you can add some photos links points of interest so for example if you have some cool area to drive or something like that you can add it to your point of interest then there is your account um yeah you can change profile privacy you can manage all of the details here you can change units of measure you can add some cars to a garage you can add some photos like nicknames vehicle description so that's pretty cool and then you can just show off to your friends add some cards to favorites invite friends so yeah that's the app so i'm not like a huge current to just but if you are definitely give a try to this app it's growing in charts and social media and there are more and more social media apps focus on around some specific niche communities because of course there are probably like hundreds and thousands facebook groups around cars but this is a entire app which you can try out so that's basically that

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