sendit Q&A on Instagram - NGL ALTERNATIVE - APP OVERVIEW

so here is this app send it q a on instagram so if i just open it up should you get it well this is the same app as in gl which helps you to send and ask anonymous questions so you can just copy link and then you can just open instagram and then you can just tap to share it and yeah so that's what you can do you can either upload some photos um then you can just take a picture um add like a link template then just passed it like that and then yeah share it share it on instagram so that's basically the idea that's what you can do and yeah that's how it works here um and then yeah just share that and then you can get some messages in your inbox but a lot of these messages i think are actually fake and as uh i think they are generated by bots so yep that's basically the idea you can also open and share to snapchat this is there is like a send it app for snapchat then there is like a jira icon in top right where you can share in yeah and go to your settings and go to your settings change name unblock all i don't know what that means maybe you can block also here you can update that you can log out so that's basically how it's working and then you're just receiving these messages it's not possible to instantly know who sent these messages that's the whole idea of the app that is like anonymous um in ngl app you need to upgrade but even if you upgrade an agile they will only show you device and they will show you like uh um just like a country or something like that so uh or just a town so it will be super hard to identify who sent that um so that's basically that it's one of the alternatives to ngl i think ngl even stole the original idea from the sanded app but it was only sanded efforts only for snapchat and angel introduced it for instagram so that's basically that and yep that's how it's working hope you like it so yeah enjoy the app

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