SNY APP - what is it? Full overview

so here is some overview that sny network now has its own app and this app features uh live new york maths games live stream of tv network so it makes content available everywhere anywhere this my app provides this authenticated live stream uh including new york my spread and post game show smart game new york jets brand post game shows yukon women's basketball and uh yup we are excited to improve our fans experience with the best in class mobile and viewing experience said steve rapp president of sny so where it's available so it's available on ios tv os apple tv android and android tv fire tv and roku the new sny app replaces the nbc sports app at snipes live streaming destination so yep interesting and then you can let's just go and check it out if it is really on the app store so i just want to go to the app store and then just search for sny app and let's see if it appears maybe there is some issue with my internet but yeah i think it just should be there in the app store oops cannot connect to app store so here is you can also just go to and then probably it just says that it should be available also now so we'll just click on that link and yep here it is so as you can see it's in the top charts in the sports category in the app store and this is how it might look like and then i will just use touch id of ice id to install it um yeah get your new york sports here catch highlights and live action from your favorite new york sports teams new york mets new york yankees your jets your giants uh download the snipe app to access live games the latest new york sports news original and archived shows and all of that and yeah so you can see not many reviews yet uh it's understandable and then you can just open the app um and let's see so you need to give access to your location to show you live and original content from favorite teams then you just need to sign in with your tv provider or you can just uh sign up for sny account uh you can allow notifications and there you have it but without all of that you can just see the preview how it looks like so you can see all these videos you can see live streaming but it is locked i guess because you need to sign in with your tv provider then schedule you can see just a simple schedule so it's pretty fun nice that this app is very minimalistic and easy to use and then you just have your account where you can sign into your sny account to qualify for special offers and content in the future so here you have your tv provider app notifications terms of use faqs and all of that so yeah basically the point of this episode you can just watch yeah it shows here so that's the idea i hope that can be helpful and thank you for watching

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