SOULCHILL APP - what is it? How to use

so here's soul chill app and let's just quickly browse for it what this episode is about it started to climb in the in the app store charts and i was just curious to to explore it um so here it is so chill go chat and social so here you can make friends you can have voice calls you can listen to music group chat a little you can share there are some private messengers uh soul tassel match voice chat tags group and private voice room live stream uh there are already like five millions users um yeah i was i'm always skeptic towards this like video messaging random chat apps because there are there is a new app like that every week probably every few days in the app store and a lot of them are pretty scary and all of that so anyhow this is the app so to create an account you just sign up then you answer a few questions to kind of identify your psychological profile and then yeah depending on it you can kind of have like these matches so if you just want to have soul match or how it's called you just tap here and then it's basically like random video chat then there is voice match uh so you can give access to your microphone uh then there is chat like some uh kind of voice chats parties which you can join there are a bunch of users here where you can just and yeah so that's basically the idea and you can just chat their hangout so try that and then these parties are in the separate tab second from the left then there are all these moments there are messages where you can hang out with messages then there are friends and then there is your account uh yeah uh you can see who visited your account who i visited uh you can see like your couple moments your room so you can create your own room where you can hang out with some other users then there's feedback settings and settings if you scroll to the bottom you can easily delete your account so that's also cool and then in your account there you have it that's kind of your personal profile where you can post some moments there is gift wall rings honor so all this bunch of features which you can actually really discover here and that's a very interesting app so that's basically the app yeah it's pretty fun i actually thought that it would be more like some spammy or scammy app but it just seems it really has some nice features maybe it's not mainstream and it's not that popular in u.s or europe yet maybe in some other countries but yeah definitely give a try maybe they will improve and make it like some deeper better features but definitely check it out so that was just a quick preview for you to have an idea in case you're curious what this app is about

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