so here's a super live app so it's an app which has all these chats and where you can just video chat with random people uh here you see these tabs where you see popular chats and also you can just select country so here you can just change it like to any country you like uh if you select uh yeah so then you can just always go to popular because in popular there are all these streams while in the in the selected countries that aren't these streams then you can see followings if you follow the user you will see the streams here then you can just see all this leaderboard you can just add a friend here so here is the account you can also message someone if you think this is some scammy profile you can just report or block it so that's the idea um yeah because yeah frankly on all this video messaging video chat in apps sometimes there are so much scam and it's really a good find if you can discover this app which has high quality profiles with not scammy or something appropriate content you know so yeah and these apps often hit some top charts in the app store but then they disappear then they hit again and all of that so yeah it's really nice just to try out these apps if you're into live video chatting but yeah just be careful some of these apps are good majority of them can be like pretty scammy so that's it you can always upgrade uh to like your vip privileges you can purchase coins and all of that and then you can see you can buy coins so here's the price for coins so you can buy 6000 coins for 49.99 you can see user level uh you can see all your level badges you can see top gifters so yeah then you can see settings so you can just read about us blocked users are here you can also check out uh moderators you haven't modded anyone yet so i don't know how that works here restore subscription basically means if you purchase description subscription on some other phone you can always restore it here and that's basically the idea then of course you can just edit your profile you can change your profile picture change your names here's your id and all of that i actually don't know if you want to delete your account like how how to do that i don't see contact support button i also don't see like uh you know the delete account button here in the app so that's remains a question for me but other than that this is the app so feel free to enjoy it and please tell your thoughts in the comments

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