What does LIGHTNING BOLT in BEREAL mean?

Here is BeReal. What does the lightning bolt mean in BeReal?

There are two places in BeReal app where you can see a lightning bolt - when taking BeReal or when reacting to someone else's BeReal.

Lightning bolt when taking BeReal picture

Just try to take a BeReal photo and there is lightning bolt on the left side. Basically it means just a flashlight.

It works just like a flashlight - enable or disable it. Similar as you have in any Camera app, Instagram, TikTok and so on.

Lightning bolt when reacting to BeReal posts

There is also another lightning bolt in BeReal - when you scroll through your BeReal feed - discovery or friends. You can notice a small emoji to the bottom right.

Tap on emoji and then a new list of emojis will pop up. On the right side of these emojis you will see a lightning bolt. Lightning bolt means Instant Realmoji. Realmoji is a photo reaction to other people BeReal posts.

With lightning bolt emoji - Instant Realmoji - you just tap on this emoji, swipe up and take an instant photo reaction to someone else's BeReal. You can do the same with other emojis, but with lightning bolt you can do it faster. That's why it is instant.

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