Zogo: learn & earn - how to create an account?

here is logo app so let's try to create an account together so basically here it is so i just tap get started so i just need to complete some first module um so here you can pick your reward so the idea of the app that you're learning but you can get all of these gift cards and you can spend them on like you know real uh products in real life so i want like a five dollar amazon gift card of course you can also donate to charity so then uh you can just do okay so then you can just do that so then i have 70 pineapple then i can just enter something like this um just for example i don't have sponsor access code maybe i can invite friends later so yeah you need to verify your phone number and then you can just see logo currently only accepts your phone numbers your phone number must also be a real us phone number or please not accept it if you need help let us know at support zoggerfinance.com yeah and yeah okay so it's not available in europe fortunately i just wanted to show you around but at the moment that's what it is

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