1inch Crypto Wallet overview

so here is this one inch crimp crypto defy wallet to install this just tap cat and then you will be able to use it on your iphone maybe it is also available on android so it's pretty small in size just 41 megabytes and you can see just 26 260 plus ratings 4.0 average rating some people right here i really like the look and feel of this wallet compared to others i have tried i have given lots of others a test and metamask were always my favorite but the convenience the inch wallet has with is built in text functions this moon transition between screens that metamask lacks this wallet my new favorite so that's basically it so then you can just tap open and then uh you can just allow one inch wallet to analyze your app activity uh and now import no wallet is connected so then you can just import wallet private key ethereum address recovery phrase you can do that you can exchange ethereum um ethereum to yeah to the listed tokens here based on ethereum so there are a bunch of tokens i think this is ethereum based tokens so yep so um that's actually something like uni swap on pancake swap here on mobile um and then for example if you want to buy madis you can just uh see how where is this verified talking and if it is verified on tokenlist like for example if it is verified on coin giga so that's actually pretty cool because uni swap doesn't have a mobile app for example so if you just like to do it on mobile you can do it then there is one each stacking let's take your one inch to have control over the revenue split of the aggregation liquidity and then there is some explore tab you can go to bookmarks just to go live there you need to have your token then you see your wallets your currency help center time advanced tools you can display gas limit there is some analytics there is some custom tokens um there is your wallet um there is like exchange you can exchange ethereum finance polygon optimism um you can have some slippage tolerance um you can see all of the stuff here um and that's basically it so that's the idea um um um so that's how how this app works um that's the one inch wallet app definitely give it a try i i'm personally i'm impressed that you can buy ethereum by stocking here on mobile app i'm still not sure why uni swap doesn't have a mobile app but yeah if you want to buy some interim base tokens you can just easily swap them here hope that is helpful i don't know okay which so you can also use binance smart chain polygon optimism or arbitrarily here so hope that is helpful

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