3d Scanner App Overview

hey everyone so here's 3d scanner app so to install it on iphone just type cat and then you'll be able to scan objects so it's actually i think amazing app so you can just scan some object then you can just edit it measure share view and using ar technology so 3d scan places and objects in color 3d requires a light leader camera sensor device such as ipad pro iphone 12 pro so it won't work probably on all iphones and then you can just share your 3d scans in imessage and ar quick look using the us dz format and additionally you can export your scans in other popular formats no signup required now cloud internet connection required it's free no limits on how many lighter scans you can capture so just open it up so let's see how it works oh yeah okay so so unsupported device so this sample app requires a capable device such as a second generation ipad pro 11 inch fourth generation ipad pro 12.9 inch or iphone 12 pro so that's about it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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