4K Live Wallpapers Go - app overview & how to use

here's interesting app 4K live wallpapers go um there are so many charging play background wallpapers these days um and yeah so basically you can install numerous wallpapers HD quality charging personalized creation easy to collect uh so yeah but the app is quite large 100 megabytes also other app I installed in this Niche it was like two gigabytes it was quite buggy actually um so here um yeah so then there are a lot of annoying ads in these apps but yeah you can try three days for free than 4.99 per week cancel anytime uh yeah so there you have it so here then you can just see some live wallpapers but even to see them uh you will need to so here you just see this live wallpaper which is like moving and it's pretty cool then you can just swipe right and then you can see other wallpapers then you can see all these adorable cats and all of that so it's like pretty cool and then you can just get it your device but of course sometimes you will need to upgrade to get the the premium ones and you can see static also some nice static wallpapers they're not live but they are still fun so here you can see if you just want to you know have a bit better wallpaper that's what you have here uh so then you can just go through categories like hot abstract animals and in my background brand car cartoon you can also create your own wallpaper you can go to Discovery you can go to stories and then you can also install this charging wallpapers like here you have this and then you can just favorite it as well and then you can just tap to set it up but yeah if you want to set it up you will need to upgrade and pay for it so there you have it

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