Affirm app - creating an account

hi everyone so here is a firm app it's one of the top apps in the category where you can just shop nav and pay later and to create an account just tap on create an account and let's just try to do that unfortunately supports us phone numbers so if you're outside of us you can't really get a firm account but let's just try it so i think i just received and then you just need to enter your first name last name a suffix you can enter email date of birth and then last four digits of ssn so i'm not sure yet here if i will be able to show you more um but yeah probably you need to be only like located in us to use that and then so yeah but that's i'm just showing you the process um [Music] so yeah that's around how it works and then uh you'll be able to create your affirm account so the idea of the app is obviously that you can just go to online stores go to any store you want to like apple best buy walmart or anything and then just buy instantly and you need to pay your uh for for the products later so you can just buy it out on your price you can select like three payments two payments how much you want and then just buy it later but of course i think there can be more fees if you delay your payment and stuff like that so that's about that                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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