AI Art - AI Image generator - how to use? App overview

hello so here is new viral trending app called AI art AI image generator there are a bunch of apps in this category like Wonder AI app Dream by Wombo and bunch of those um but the thing why this app right now is in the top charts it's just because it has this new feature where you can create avatars from photos so yeah use your selfies to turn into character from a variety of arrows and styles performance improvements so yeah that's just an update uh but yeah okay I'll just show you I was just trying out so yeah the idea is that you just upload like 20 selfies of your own and then you will be able to generate Avatar so just tap avatars in the top right and then you just need to select photos 10 to 20 photos same person in all photos no other people selfies and portraits only different backgrounds different facial expressions different head angles nothing is currently like no birth charts no nudity and all of that so then you just upload your photos and then yeah you just select these photos for example and the idea is that the more photos you upload the higher quality will be of this model which then generates AI models and then you need to buy it for 9.99 you will get 112 photos which is pretty a lot uh but yeah so and you can expect results something like this so it's not only like you know a more photo like photos these are also like different styles I didn't purchase in this app but I use also another app Lance uh I guess how it's called yeah Lancer AI there you also can do that but you just get less photos so for example here I have magic avatars it's basically saying is the thing is it's just the same AI algorithm called stable diffusion so I just applaud the design photos you just seen and here you can see what is happening so there you have so I just wasn't smiling a lot on this photo so all of them are quite serious that's just how algorithm works so that's how you just you know you need to include a lot of emotions a lot of different facial expressions um so yeah um hope that can be helpful you can of course also try this app and in this app also you can just uh um generate some images just based on your prompts which was another feature of this app yeah there were a bunch of apps like that where you could generate AI images like a while ago like a year ago or something uh and then yeah then they went viral but now there is a new hype with this AI avatars and I was actually pretty surprised in the images I showed you like I didn't upload any similar images I mean like of course I uploaded my selfies but they had like different facial expressions different backgrounds different everything and that the thing is that AI can completely generate new photo this is kind of completely different it's just it's just like super powerful actually I'm not sure if of course you can use these photos yet in in passport or something like that okay so you can see that there is some issue here and then okay there are like so many ads so you're probably just push you to upgrade in this app uh but yeah like this is not the main feature right now the main feature it is selfies and there are a bunch of apps in the top right now Lancer Ai and this air art which you can help you with this so here you can also upgrade you can upgrade three day free trials and 4.99 per week lifetime access pretty nice deal 29.99 build once I don't know if that influences AI avatars I'm not sure I think you still need to buy here because this area that are there just using so much computing power computation power and that's why like it still will be quite expensive to get those so yeah that's basically the idea I hope you like it and thank you for watching

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