AI ART app - AI image generator - app overview

so here is this app called AI art AI image generator it's in the top charts right now uh also with Lanza Ai and a bunch of other apps where you can generate this AI avatars um yeah this is like a new technology shift I would say uh yeah of course there were some apps before like Wonder AI or something like that where you can generate images from from words but here you can also just generate your own avatars and that's the super interesting new development and I tried that in other app and it's like pretty accurate of course it's not ideal it's not creating like you know photo like quality but it's creating completely new images based on your own image set and it's really amazing and I guess it's just the beginning um so here you can see here uh what you can get in a subscription unlimited art creation faster image processing at free experience the bad image quality but I'm just interested in Magic avatars feature so uh so you need to select photos 10 to 24 the same person in all photos no other people selfies and portraits different backgrounds different facial expression different head angles nothing current device no version yeah all of that so give access to your photos and let's just do it like let's try it out like if I can select some photos here and then let's just wait and then you can just use that and then yeah you can just check out and uh you can generate all these photos on all different styles 112 photos wait eight variations in 14 Styles get for 9.99 so that's what you can get uh the type of AI we use for magic outers might generate visual artifacts and accuracies and defects output images is out of our control so yeah try that and then you can just generate it um yeah so I tried it also in the different app called Lancer AI which is also like going viral and I can just show you for example this is what you can get like I just uploaded the same selfies so yeah as you can see it's pretty uh interesting like uh of course some of the facial expressions uh okay it's not a pretty um close to what I applauded but there are some photos which are Super different and it's super interesting like this is kind of stuff you can get of course this is only like 50 images probably in this app you're getting 112 photos eight variations in 14 Styles and yeah but that's basically what you can get in in the app um so yeah try that uh also here you can just generate different types of AI art so you can you can write something for example and then you can just tap generate of course then there is some kind of AD as well so you need to wait probably of course you can avoid the ads if you upgrade but there you have it so let's just

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