AI image generator app by AppNation - full overview

hey everyone so here's the interesting app called AI image generator so let's just explore it and see how it works so yeah you can just use Touch ID to install it turn words into art um yeah this is like a super powerful Trend these days but here we're just doing a quick preview of app from app Nation developer because there is also dream app developed by one ball there is Wonder AI art there is some other bunch of apps around this topic um so yeah and then what you can do you can just open it up and then you will be presented with this screen generate unique artworks help us grow Implement notifications okay we'll do that try premium for free otherwise it was like 49 uh like 50 dollars per year and then yeah basically you can just enter prompt so let's just enter some prompt let's just start with some easy one then you just choose an R style so I would want to CC in types of uh painting Claude Mona and then I just want to create an art and then continue okay now I don't want to subscribe yet I just want to see at least one image generated for free um if you try free then you get unlimited artwork 15 unique art styles export result Watermark so maybe I don't want that so it seems you you can't actually use it for free which is a pity uh errors that you just need to subscribe huh all right yeah okay guys I was just was gonna show you how this app works or how it's different but yeah it kind of makes sense um everyone needs to buy bills um so that's it maybe I'll just upgrade later and show you around but yeah I'm sure this app can really generate some stunning uh AI imaginary so it's pretty cool so yeah there you have it but it's it's a good deal actually fifty dollars per year but it's not uh you know it's not lifetime years or a lifetime deals so you'll be charged every year basically but yeah if you want to play around with this app definitely give it a try

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