Airmeet overview

What is Airmeet?

Airmeet overview

Airmeet – a platform, which helps you to host virtual events.

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On September 15th 2020 Airmeet announced $12M funding, led by Sequoia Capital India.

Airmeet is not just a free tool, which helps you to organize online events. It is sooo much more.

The first thought about this space is obviously Zoom. But, I will try to show you in this quick overview, that Airmeet is in fact is better and much cheaper than Zoom for organizing large online events.

Airmeet – #1 software for large virtual events, job fairs, networking parties, large conferences

Imagine you need to host a large virtual job fair, with at least 250 attendees.

Well first, Airmeet is free for up to 300 attendees and 2 hosts per event. 😉

Airmeet is a great tool for conducting virtual events, webinars, job fairs, holiday networking parties and all other types of online meetings.

By the way, these are other features included in a completely free plan:

  • Single-stage

  • Sequential sessions

  • Social lounge networking

  • Unlimited event duration

  • Unlimited number of events

Free version of Airmeet suits perfectly for small and medium-sized events, webinars or meetups. The fact that this tool is absolutely free for up to 300 attendees is really incredible.

Second, for your imaginary job fair, you can organize a virtual stage, create a list of speakers and sessions, customize event page.

In fact your event page might look like standard Eventbrite page. Just, your event is completely virtual.

Airmeet event page

Third, Airmeet offers an absolutely amazing feature, called Social Lounge – a virtual ballroom, where guests can engage with each other. It is possible to enable Virtual Speed Networking – participants can virtually meet each other for short periods of time.

That’s a perfect combination of features for a large virtual job fair.

It would be much harder to organize this type of event with for example Google Meet.

With an upgraded Airmeet ($99 per month), you will have access to these features:

  • More than 300 attendees per event

  • Unlimited hosts

  • Multiple stages

  • Parallel sessions

  • Exhibition booths

  • Event branding & sponsorship

  • Event analytics

  • HD recording (Coming soon)

  • Transcription support (Coming soon)

Here is a quick video overview of Airmeet, if you prefer video over text. 🙂

How to create account in Airmeet?

You can easily create Airmeet account with Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email.

So, that is super easy.

Airmeet create account

Airmeet dashboard

After signing up, you will land in dashboard.

From here, it is easy to create and manage Airmeets. FYI, airmeets are online events, which you can create via this software.

Airmeet sidebar

On the left sidebar you can access your scheduled airmeets.

Or upload videos to Video library. You can view and manage videos you’d like to stream during your events.

Another tab will help you with team management.

Lastly, you can create an Airmeet API key – it is free.

How to create an event in Airmeet?

Head over to the top right part of the screen and click “Create Airmeet”.

You will have two options:

Enter event name and description. You can also select between Private and Public availability.

Create event in Airmeet

Next, select Time and Date.

That’s it! Basically, your airmeet is scheduled now.

Airmeet is a great tool for conducting virtual events, webinars, job fairs, holiday networking parties and all other types of online meetings.

But, you can also add some additional details:

  • Host Details
  • Speakers
  • Session info
  • Additional info

To share link to the event, just go Event tab and copy link.

How to start and manage Airmeet event?

Click Start Airmeet in your dashboard to start an online event.

Aaaand your meeting is ready to go live now! 🎉

Here is the screen you will see.

On the right side you can:

  • See full schedule
  • Manage attendees
  • Manage abusive behaviour
  • Enter the live chat
  • Manage questions

Airmeet Social Lounge

Another fantastic feature in Airmeet is Social Lounge – a virtual ballroom which can be customised & arranged as per an event organiser’s requirement.

You can think of virtual Social Lounge as main stage for online networking. You can join virtual tables and engage with other conference members.

Imagine an old-school job fair, where big companies want to hire the best talent on campus. You would have representatives of each company standing near their boost and trying to talk with as many graduates as possible.

Airmeet social lounge

Well, now you can easily join these tables virtually!

Just click Join and you will engage with participants at the virtual table.

It is also possible to customize Social Lounge and adjust it for your needs: change Title, Subtitle, enable or disable speed networking.

Speed networking allows participants to meet one-on-one with other participants for a limited time. When enabled, Speed Networking will become visible and open to all the participants at the Social Lounge. 

Social Lounge is one of the main features in Airmeet, which distinguishes it from other similar online conferencing tools.

Backstage mode

You can then switch to the Backstage mode.

From here you can start session (button in the top right), present, share screen, adjust audio/video settings, record your session.

It is also possible to adjust audio/video settings or assign host to another person.

Backstage looks like a familiar Zoom or Google Meet interface.

Social Lounge – a virtual ballroom which can be customised & arranged as per an event organiser’s requirement.

That’s about it. Airmeet is super intuitive and simple to use.

You can also integrate with many other tools via API.

It is possible to stream YouTube streams or Facebook live streams in Airmeet.

Airmeet pricing

Compared to similar feature in Zoom, Airmeet is basically free to use – up to 300 attendees and 2 hosts.

If you need more than 300 attendees, unlimited hosts, plus multiple stages, parallel sessions, exhibition booths, event branding & sponsorship, event analytics – consider upgrading to the paid Airmeet for $99 per month.

Check out Airmeet pricing page.

Airmeet pricing

To sum it up

At the moment, Airmeet is a top tool for medium-sized and large online conferences, events, job fairs, webinars, meetups, networking gatherings.

It is quite hard to find other software, which will beat Airmeet in this niche, if you consider price.

Start Airmeet for free today!


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