B2B Trade app - how to create an account? Quick app overview

hey everyone here is B2B trade app so let's just install it and see how it works you can see obviously this app is I'm on top charts in shopping app uh it's one of the top leading apps uh worst leading B2B e-commerce Marketplace our app allows you to Source Products from Global suppliers or from the convenience of your mobile device you can purchase you can yeah all of that and you can get a lot of products for much much cheaper price like that so yeah you can just open it here and this app you can just buy directly from manufacturer so you can go here tell us about your business which of the following best describes your business on my other trailer offline or the whole size manufacturer so for example let's say I have some Shopify shop and then I just sell in some sports and Earth entertainment um yeah for something like that for there and then I can also sell these things and then you can either customize your orders or you can request your quotations so then yeah you just tap start sourcing and then you can see some interesting top ranking products you can see some sneakers for example so let's just explore this category um so yeah here you can see like really insane prices uh however yeah you just need to be like sometimes it's not that cheap but you can see in the hot salad and popularity so you can see some pairs like right here um and then of course this is not for order in one a pair of shoes so this is of course if you want to order like 15 packs and stuff like that so uh yeah but here sometimes you can also order one pack then you can just go through reviews and see some reviews but sure you can see some reviews here and you can see some yes then it's just basically like Amazon um I guess yeah then there are some returns and refunds for some manufacturers but not all of them so yeah the idea is that you basically buying from some Factory either in China or whatever um within five seven days delivery um so yeah uh that's basically how it works and yeah so that's that's the overview so yeah for example if I want to add those I can then just uh I can bookmark them and then if I want I can easily create an account uh here like you can use Apple ID and it's like super easy and then for example uh you can just create your account like that and yeah so that's basically the product and then you can just have it and then it might be delivered so yeah that's basically what it is um then you can also chat so here you can start chatting you can also then just start order so for example uh cheap from Shipping fee so it will be around let's say 25 shipping fee then you can just start order then you just need to add your address and then you will be able to ship to this address yes so that's basically the idea how it works um yeah hope that is helpful

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