Apps like CHAI app - top alternatives

here's chai app which is one of the top bought conversational apps right now idea of this app is that um you just see some bots and then uh and then you can just chat with them and all these people like all of that is bots and then you can just chat and then you can add friends and chat together so something like it yeah so that's what you can do and that's that's how it works yeah and then you just have these chats and you create your own bots and this app can be pretty addictive because ai models are getting better and better and sometimes conversations really look like from real people but what could be alternative apps so basically here is one of the top alternatives it's just called jam souls which is also in the top chart and uh it's it's actually yeah pretty similar so you can just go here and then you can just write here like that and you also uh have some conversations here uh you can send some actions maybe even more advanced you can earn all these stars you can have this referral so yeah that's also the app like that so that's one of the app um try that then there is another app which is called mascot mutual play friends also another is the best app to find role play five turns in groups so that's a bit uh different but i think the the interesting concept as well so also in this category then there is romantic ai web you can also you can create your ai characters here in the app m8 uh there is spotify ai create chat bot um there is also another app which is just about like ai girlfriend which is called replica app uh so here you can have this uh this app replica also it has more like a 3d model which is moving and you can chat chat with it so yeah that's something like that so these are numbers are just alternatives you can also see here how it looks like and hope this is helpful just a quick preview that you know that it's not only chai apps are also other apps because in chi app you can only send like 70 messages in two hours and then um it's not enough if you want to chat and then if you want to upgrade it's pretty expensive it's 135 dollars per year or 14 per month so that's that

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