Argo app overview - viral TikTok app!

hello everyone so what is Argo app and why is it going viral so the story is behind this Tick Tock account so you can follow it uh yeah so the idea is that that made an app about connecting uh boards um and just like social media effort button and he was on some like event just giving out flyers around it and nobody like was noticing him but his daughter made this video on Tick Tock it's got like 20 million plus use 21 million views just people just a short Tick Tock video people going through nobody notices this guy and she just wrote that uh she wants to get more more attention and help his dad to get his app viral and Now Yep this app went well after this video and you can go to the website and then yeah you can see Argo was recently ranked as a number one navigation app on both the App Store and Google play thank you everyone to watch The Tick Tock video and supported us Argo is a free easy to use navigation on social boarding app that helps you find the route to new destination share our local knowledge and connect with other borders so yeah here you have that and then you can just download in in on the App Store and this is the app as you can see it's it's really in the top charts and navigation category in the Glo Like Us app store and uh Google Play Store which is really incredible and then yeah if you just open the app it's like a social media for botters so if you own a bot and if you like importing doesn't matter if it's like an open ocean or just in the lake whatever on some your local viewer you can install this app and then you just create an account and then yeah you can use it as a navigation tool but also you can use it to communicate with with other borders around you to see who is voting in the same lake or in the same Harbor it's you you can send a home you can send a message uh yeah so it's just loading and now now you have this app here is just what's the the map uh and then yeah so then there you have it as you can see it's only mostly available in United States uh uh so yeah you can see some so these icons are just basically other Bots fellow borders to who you can message you can send a message or you can send like a hoy um so that's what you can do here then you have voyages you have places uh this and then you have like social feed um or you can see here all the updates you can also create a post yourself um so yeah and then you can add images to your post so it's kind of like social media so you can just add some images and videos from from your board trip and then there are also a lot of messages where you can message someone you can send chats requests a voice you can search people uh heroes are more and more users actually on this app so you can just go to someone's account and then you can just add the friend uh send message send Ahoy I don't know what Ahoy is probably it's just some button phrase so that's that's what you can do here then uh there are like friends here uh friends which you can add you can invite friends to join Argo as you can see friends from your list um there are requests and all of that um yeah so it's kind of like social media for boarders if you only bought it's an interesting app definitely to try out and then yeah when you're just sailing you can see who is uh like button around you and all of that and then you can see all the wind all the tides if you want to unlock all of the uh weather forecasts and all of that you will need to upgrade for 19.99 per year so that's what you can do then there is your profile you can unlock some premium features like offline charts marine weather seven-day forecast more features coming there are some tutorials quick start guide which you can also follow everything here also in case you are not happy with your account and how your with your data you can easily delete an account in this app as well um there is feedback and support so it's really well made app actually and I think it's getting better it's a really cool Tick Tock video so I think there are like a lot of users trying to check out this app so I'm just showing you it's actually pretty well made so it's not that just Tick Tock video made it while but the app is it's really bad now it's the app is actually pretty good and if you own the board that's what you can try with this app so here of course one of the main features is that you can just easily navigate to specific routes on the board then you can just create root I don't know like so probably just need to search foreign like that and then you will just see the root just exactly for how it might work so yeah something around that uh you need to play with this app and have fun thank you for watching

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