Artifact: Personalized News - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

Heroes artifact personalized News app and I just got off the white list so now I can access the app and let's explore how to create an account together so I can walk through this app in a nutshell is like a new project by two Instagram co-founders so it has a lot of hype to to this to this app and it's like a tick tock for news so you will have like news topics you can follow and then there is AI which recommend to you more news and that's like a starting point of this project and then you can get uh more out of it I guess so personalize your feed select 10 or more topics so what I want to explore tech companies travel just for example man style um yeah apps so something around that and then I can just tap continue advice subscription uh we will prioritize them for uh in the feed so I'm not subscribed to any of those I think uh please allow to send your notifications artifact is learning if it improves each time you read read 25 articles for artifact to better personalize your feed trap progress on your feed uh so yeah there you have it so it's just starts uh so here for example I can just go and just okay I opened that crunch article um and then I'm just being redirected to all these websites and that's like this app is kind of like Tick Tock for news reading so um so then I just want to to see here what's happening so then I can just remove some of the topics so let's say I just only want to read like around that so just really have like a minimum uh save and then for example um you can hide publisher and then you can what you can change your location let's say if you can change it to to any other country uh and then you can just see the number of views um number of reads and then if I just want to read apps um headlines and then for example you can just read all of that so yeah and then for example uh read 25 articles in two week period for artifact to better personalize your feed invite uh invite for friends then you can also sign out you can see subscriptions manage interest content requests accounts options you can delete an account as well publish your subscriptions which you can add um yeah so I Now understand why it's that because uh this app just redirects me to to their websites and of course if the article is gated I need to have some active subscription to have access to it so that's basically the idea and then you can just separately you can see headlines just uh uh just some of the most trending viral headlines um so that's basically the idea uh so that's just like a quick preview and uh hope that is helpful and yeah so thank you for watching

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