Atom Finance app overview how to create an account?

hey everyone so here's item atom finance app which has a logo like invest smarter um so let's just go through the app and this car what can be the opportunities here this is the app you should install or what about it so you can get so first you can have modern investing tools and data for everyone just on your fingertips on mobile you can instance you should get institutional quality news content in real time customize alerts for your stocks and portfolios search through scc filings transcripts and company presentations analyze historical company financials so all of that in one place it's only 55 megabytes it doesn't have that much ratings yet it's only 693 ratings so far and four out of five average rating so that's about it you want notifications or not and this is for uh individual investors so just subscribe to itunes okay and then you need to subscribe to atom for 6.99 per month seven day free trial cancel anytime screen and monitor fun find your next investment by screening for key metrics and ratios search documents extract crucial company information board with investor documents track investments get a complete view of your investment and control diversification research companies perform in depth due diligence with institutional grade tools and data so all of that and then you can just start the seven day free trial and then it's 6.99 per month one week free so that's about it so that's i was just walking you through how to create an account seems you can do it without any like id verification or some other apps like titan investment it's just only available for us citizens here you can just do it and start it right now yeah so that's about it so yeah hope it was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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