Background Sounds in iOS 15 - full overview

okay so ios 15 has a lot of interesting exciting features and one of the most popular ones actually is the feature called background sound so if you just go to settings app and then just search for background and it's in accessibility menu sounds and then you can just tap on background sounds here so this feature plays background sounds to mask unwanted environmental noise these sounds can minimize distractions and help you to focus calm arrest so it can be like just some of the streams out of the rain or something like that so for example if you're doing high like deep focus work you don't need to go on youtube somewhere or just some other like sound library you can just enable them here [Applause] so it's like a rain sound or or like string sound or ocean you can also edit it you can remove it so then here you can just add it like use when media is playing uh stop sounds when locked when enable background sound stop when iphone is locked also you can add this background sounds in your control center so you can just easily play and stop them so i'm just reading here uh so you can also enable this like as a shortcut um [Music] so yeah uh definitely nice feature and again these are the uh like balanced noise bright noise dark noise ocean rain and stream balanced noise that's what you can enable on iphone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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