bereal app - glitchy, doesn’t work - what to do?

so burial app is becoming really popular but there are like a lot of glitches uh i love this app so much because it's such a fun way to interact his friend but it's incredibly glitchy she kind of puts damper on the whole point of the app once i get the notification that it's time to post i go to the app it glitches out and won't let me post i'll either see a dark screen with the banner that says so and so is capturing and be real or the app will take forever to load which will cause me to post late i really enjoy this app the app is its inability to save the photo stacking not in the apps format so there you have it so some people report in some bugs and glitches [Music] so anyways there are a dozen technical issues opening up from notification often leaves it in the glitch state if someone reacts to your post while app is open you can see it in your notifications the friends feed often doesn't update until the app is reopened only time zones and you are you as an eu what about asia so that's some of the box here you can always try to reach out to app support uh by typing there and then you will just open like support screen inside of the app uh but i just don't want to uh yep basically there you have it so try to reach out to their support however as you can see app support just redirects you to the app so maybe if you probably know some of the solutions to these glitches would be really helpful

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