BeReal app SLOW & GLITCHY when you are trying to post - what to do?

i'm just going here through some of the reviews of b real app and some people are complaining recently that the app is like the app is slow and a bit glitchy so whenever there is a notification so for people who don't know there is one notification per day and you need to post your photo this front and back camera and you have two minutes to do that so it's like kind of authentic instagram where you just share your activities with friends and you don't have time to attach some magnificent filters and stuff like that but for a lot of people either notification doesn't work and you can't pause or you can post but the app is really slow so you need to wait at least 30 seconds for actually to allow to pause then after you take a picture you have to wait another two minutes or so waiting for it to load and pause it's frustrating since the whole point is to capture a picture in the that two minutes but this this person says i was waste that time waiting for the app to load so yeah that's basically it um so yeah that's how it works um some people have issues with notifications i'm also pretty consistently late to pause simply because the app won't actually let me take the photo when i get the notification eventually after a combination of tapping different parts of the app opening and closing multiple times uh i finally have option to take the photo so this is the most annoying part of the relapse like that this notification doesn't work that well like because they're sending it to millions of users and the servers are super overloaded i guess and there is something happening so yeah that's about it hope it's helpful so what they say also here is that you can reach out contact at pre dot l so we can help you with the issues thank you so that's that

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