BeReal privacy issue - publish only for friends, but available in discovery feed 🤔

so i'm just doing some videos about be real and some of the comments below my video is that yeah if you publish a burial like here it is um it i it just says i'm publishing only to my friends not to discovery fees so when i'm doing that but then some people say even after that it still comes up to the to discovery feed it says only visible for friends but still it appears on discovery feed and maybe it is a bug or something i'm not sure some people say found it whenever you take it be real you have an option at the end before you publish it okay thank you i don't know i didn't see that option for me it's just like either for front or discovery feed and then you can select it so like do you have any other insights about it because this seems to be a common issue for a lot of people the privacy of be real some people publish it it appears in discovery feed a lot of people don't want that so yeah yeah what do you think

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