hello everyone so in this video we're gonna go through some of the be real tricks and like hidden features I think you should know about so here's burial app uh yeah so first of all as you can see I'm using it in test flight meaning I can test some features before other users and other people and also this way you're helping developers to build this app in a better way so here is be real um what people are asking what users asking first like how to accept new friends so if you type in top left this feature is a bit hidden so you can see a friend request in the bottom right part and then you can see a friend here so then you can just add friends from from the feed but anyway then you can just pause the burial it's okay to post a light be real nothing is happening a lot of users are asking what actually is like a lightning bolt here lightning bolt icon is just a flashlight so if you take a picture you will just see a flashlight so it's it's not some some additional features it's just like a standard camera feature which you have um so that's that uh so yeah you can cancel you'll be real just tapping in the top cross and then you can zoom easily you can change camera um so you can do that then for example I can take a burial and then people are also asking users asking like how do you take a photo of these two cameras like uh for especially for new users so I'm not enabling anything it's available by default so these two cameras are always available and you just can't preview one of the cameras so if you're taking a photo of this front camera you can preview back camera and vice versa you can just drag it around and all of that then here what is important that's how you change your privacy of be real there are two modes there is only my friends or Discovery my friends means This Be Real will only be shared with your friends in my case it's like six people or there is a discovery meaning this burial will be shared with everyone on Discovery field um so that's that and then there is your location which you can disable or enable as well so bicycle let's just post it I will post it to Discovery and let's see what happens so when I posted it to discover it's it's instantly available to everyone and then I'm also able to see all other burials in from my friends or from Discovery feed so there you have it sometimes there are a lot of bugs and glitches when uploading your burial so for a lot of people it just doesn't work and they need to restart the app re-upload or anything it's not possible also to upload a video it's not possible to upload a screenshot or anything by the way if someone is taking a screenshot of your b-real you will see a little notification next to to be real next to your username that like this many people took a screenshot of your burial and then so if you're screenshotting someone be real that person will know that you screenshotted it you can just read it online because what's the point of screenshotting yep be real adjust online for like 24 hours or so so people want to save these photos and if you're doing a screenshot it will be the user will be notified then here you can just add caption you can delete it and then here there is a very hidden menu so if you tap on your time or three dots here you have comments you can see all the comments down this burial note that you can only comment your friends it's not possible to comment people in Discovery so here you can see that then there are a number of real emojis and then there are retakes uh so okay the real emojis are like Emoji reactions so you can see these emojis and you can react to someone's photo with that here there is again this lightning bolt emoji a lot of users are asking what's this lightning bolt is and then you can just hold it and instantly react with this video and it's called like instant real emoji also then you can just tap with some emoji and react with that um so this is how it looks like and then you will see all the reactions here this is how it looks like um so that's that also if you didn't know you can install like a real Moji widget so you can just tap and hold and then you click for be real uh here and then that's the way to install widget Moji uh that's the way and then your friends are acting visual emoji on your home screen and then you can just tap to add widget so there you have it something like that and then um if you receive real modules on your b-reels they will just appear here so that's that's basically if you didn't know that's how it works there is no like a separate burial widget where you can just have it be real and have like for example be reals from your friends appear in that widget I don't know why it's not there yet I think it would would be a great feature similar as locket widget or noted widget where you can just see photos from your friends and here you will just see be real from your friends but it's not there um so that's what the real emojis are and then there is a grayed out area which are retakes so here you can see like for example if my retakes uh is zero it means I took the thought of some from the first attempt if someone returns is two it means someone take took two attempts to finally submit the burial an attempt I think is when you're trying to take a photo and then you close in the top right and you are retaking it or maybe you're trying to take a photo and then you swipe up close the app restart the app and try again so you can do that as many times until you send and submit your Bureau so then you have three uh yeah they can have your menu and then you have options and then in the options uh you can uh yeah if you want here you can change privacy of your Bureau so you can tap here to remove from Discovery and by removing from Discovery feed your b-real will become private but not completely private you'll it will be still visible to your friends so there is no option to make your burial completely private then there is option also to delete my burial so that's finally yep you can delete your own be real but there are also some like tricks so first you can only delete your one lightest burial from so it's available in my friend's feet in the top it's not possible to delete burial from previous day because yeah obviously it's it's been deleted by itself it's not saved in the feet anywhere so be real is just disappearing and then if you deleted it once you can take one more burial and then that's it so for that day you won't be able to delete your second burial so you can only delete one burial per day that's it that's the limitation um also if you are again about privacy if you took that your privacy is um um for France in the beginning then you won't be able to make it public and move it to Discovery um so that's that and yeah so these are some of the features I didn't know about then there is your profile then there are memories so memory is only visible to use this is kind of like your private archive a lot of people confusing that if you delete in photo from memories it will be deleted from your bereal feed nope that's not the case memories and be real posts are two different things uh then in top right there are like three dots um here uh there's other so you can clear cache you can have fixed some issues then you can enable fast camera it reduces camera quality but it prevents some bugs when uploading Imperial for some people um yeah it like if you can't upload your Bureau and your camera is stuck or the app is crashing try this feature um then also there is help there is FAQ you can read the FAQ section then there is contact us and here you can you can join feedback group in WhatsApp but it's a bit spammy you can become a better tester and join a test flight here you can also change your phone number but you just need to come to fill in this long type form and um yeah it's a bit one and then you can also delete your account from here so it's possible to delete your account right in the app you don't need to reach out to some support chat or anything like it so yeah you can just delete it from here just note it that if you log in within those 15 days after deleting your account your account will be restored automatically so there you have it that's basically the idea of it um hope this is helpful hope you found some interesting tricks and hidden features you didn't know about if you did please like this video so more people can Discover It visit my blog Mr visit my Tick Tock Mr hacker and see you in the next videos

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