Best ChatGPT apps - FULL OVERVIEW of 7+ apps

here is just a quick overview of top charge GPT apps available right now so I did like tutorials about some of top of that might be like 10 apps or 5 10 apps and I'll just try to share my thoughts um so like the reason why people are searching for these apps is open AI is not providing native iOS or Android app it's only available in the browser and for people using automobile it's not honestly the best experience you need to open Google Chrome or Safari and yeah if you adjust it to using a mobile app it's just better experience often so people just looking for an app if they're using it on mobile but open AI didn't release it yet therefore there are like 30 apps competing one with each other I guess every app is just using the say the same open AI API um so let's just dive through it so the top app right now the most popular is Genie app um again it's just based on chat GPT API and like the main point between these apps and my difference is just different design different user experience some additional features which app feels better for you and all of that so in this app you can also have access to some AI images generations and in a free version you can only post questions and get answers so you can just write simple questions and the question is just one statement and then you can't ask follow-up questions because if you need to do that you need to upgrade and even now I ask like three questions so and then I exceeded my free chat limit and then I need to upgrade so then it's like three days free trial 6.99 per week 69.99 per year cancel anytime so yeah this weekly primer doesn't make a lot of sense if you or because keep in mind the child GPT plus is 20 dollars per month so anything if which goes more than twenty dollars per month I just yeah you see that um there is this you need to upgrade and then when you upgrade you can get access to dialogue so here you can see other price options 69.99 per year Advanced Pro or light so this is this app you can always try a free trial and then you can cancel if you don't like the app here you can also enable voice you can change languages uh yeah there is help and why people like this app I think it's just because it's well made to be honest it's um just was made by the cool app maker it's you know and the UI user experience feels really nice the nice designs are now annoying ads and all of that so yeah it's powered by app Nation developer so definitely give a try to this app uh so that's Genie AI bot then other apps you can just find them if you want if you don't like this one if you go to product top charts and then you go to productivity section all these AI chatbot apps are here usually so then there is another one AI chatbot open chat which you can also try it out here is yeah again it's all the time just the same chance the same open API But Here For example you have lifetime subscription for 80 dollars which you can try or then you have monthly 999 per month which is cheaper than uh open chat GPD one of my clients probably have these ads so then yeah you can uh you see uh prompts you have all these different AI assistants then you can just tap chat start chat there are five free messages and then you can just write something like that here foreign messages left but it's kind of similar so here you just have a different design and you have ads so honestly yeah like the reply is the same you can easily copy it you can like it or don't like it but yeah I like the previous design pattern it just looks a bit more professional while these colors are not that great and all these ads are a bit more annoying and also but yeah the pricing seems to be nice here and you can get lifetime for 80 dollars so what else is there the wrist chat AI ask anything well I like this design also quite nicely there is Dark theme Here there is some AI Marketplace how-to guide there are so many buttons here uh there are models gpt3 DaVinci zero zero three so here I also about ask them to write a poem about the river so you can see some of the conversations it's kind of has similar side sidebar to chat GPT which is nice and I can clear messages I can reset AI memory I can yeah so here I can go unlimited for 69.99 per year that's a recording payment that's not one time and then if a free version you only have like five answers per day four hundreds per answer per 100 words per answer 20 words per prompt so you have that um then there is AI chat ask anything so here again you can write a poem or about a cat you can just see here um yeah it's I also like this design it's very clean kind of similar to what you have in Native iOS apps then if you want a plus you can Discover it for 19.99 per month enjoy unlimited conversations higher worth limits and unlock the full potential of one of the most capable artificial intelligence models so yeah as you can see here these apps usually don't go about 20 dollars per month because that's the price of charge GPT plus the official app and yeah usually people will just go with that so yeah you have this app also kind of like the design um then actually there is Bing app uh were updated being app has a chat uh inside of it so and then you can just see that the chat is available here and then uh and then you can just use uh here as well and of course Bing is using the latest uh the latest charge GPT model and I think it's more advanced than all of these apps but also it's uh it's a search engine and here of course you are using it for free so if you looking actually for chat GPT app might be just Bing chat uh is this a good option so something like that yeah uh so there you have it um there is another trending app Wagga AI chat app and then uh so here I can also write a poem anything it also looks nice in this dark mode and then yeah it's kind of so you have limited 500 characters per per question whatever and then you can just write the messages and then it's kind of uh read through it I don't see a lot of limitation and paid options for for this app so it's kind of nice looking I'm not sure why it's not higher in the charts maybe there are some actually price limitations and all of that quite a long answer as you can see it's not being cut and then you can chat in dialogue and you don't need to upgrade to do that yeah so I think it's actually a really nice free app so definitely I would recommend this one uh so Wagga AI chat app chat on a chatbot assistant here how it looks like ask questions or tasks here you can also create some additional tasks so simply have a chat in social media post so some additional some additional chats you can have then you can ask questions and then that's like a chat GPT uh yeah so that's basically the idea uh pocket ai ai chat chatbot and then here again you can just chat instantly there is a payment um which is yeah you can see a lot of ads it's a bit annoying and there's this pop-up which I just can't close uh or need to wait like 30 seconds to close it yeah it's a bit annoying I don't know I wouldn't use this app a lot to be honest then what else we have here so these are kind of like the most popular chatbot apps right now then there is this interesting app from quora so it's called poi and it has like four different Bots and uh so yeah uh I would definitely give a try to this app uh where I was reading this um so here I just see as um I was just gonna check so seems it has like yeah so it has four different Bots uh uh the Bots are powered by third-party llms and they so three of these Bots uh say GPD and dragonfly apart by open AI set GPT and GPT use GPT 3.5 turbo model and dragonfly uses text DaVinci zero zero three and Claude another bot is powered by entropic and that's another company that's not not open AI so there are like three different models two different companies four different Bots which you can try out in this app and then it's kind of structured in a way for a quora so quora is a big q a website and it's the same you can write poems you can chat but then you can also see what other people are sharing uh and then someone is wants to learn git uh so you can use that so yeah it's kind of similar how quora also organizes you know all these questions and answers and here you can also see that from other users you can invite people here so it's kind of attempts to be a bit of a social media as well you have your profile people can follow you you can add a post uh so this is your post uh yeah I actually don't know exactly how it worked but it has additional like social media element this app I think is in the works uh you can add another bot since there will be more other bots so this app yeah it's kind of like a board chatting AI app social media there are other apps which got some popularity like chai app or anything where people were just chatting with AI Bots so yeah definitely interesting app to check it out and then yeah if you don't like you delete an account you need an account here uh in other apps you didn't need that so yeah that's I would say what you can explore here then there is this app which is I think just wants to be similar to Genie app in the in the name and then it's just got higher than the restchester app so all of those are just basically uh kind of copies which is different with different interface and uh different design but it's the same functionality so yeah I think also this app is kind of a bit in the works yet so yeah in a nutshell definitely try to pull up from quora uh definitely try out Genie AI chatbot which else which else I like Wagga I think it provides you a lot of functionality for free and then of course being it's free app is the latest model but it's also a search engine so these are kind of the apps which you can try out if you're looking for chat GPT apps and of course there are like hundreds and thousands of newly discard AI apps built on top of your GPT API and there are more and more coming so yeah uh that's just what you can expect here hope 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