BFF; Find my friends & phone ZENLY ALTERNATIVE app overview

hi everyone so here is BFF app which is one of the top alternative for zamly app um so yeah it's in top charts right now these days because suddenly shutting down so it's basically competing with uh who app which is another location social sharing app and this one so give it a try let's try to create an account and the cool feature about this app is actually you can import your data from zenly App here so when you just created an account go to settings import then with data app um and then what you need to do is just you can request your data from low at zenly if they send it to you great I'll just recommend to do it right away because then the app is shutting down I don't know how long there's I will accept new requests and then you just get your data upload to Google Drive and share it with BFF app and then they will basically help you out in importing your friends locations all of that to to this app and then it's kind of pretty similar to Stanley but it's very minimal amount of features right now but a lot of features just being added super fast so yeah you just have your friends you can add your friends like that by BFF ID by scan profile card by email phone number contacts and you can just invite your friends then you have your profile here you can go and change your profile user ID you can just um yeah share it scan like scan it um then yeah this is your profile you can change your profile photo here uh the serial settings um so yeah uh then you just have your account if you want to delete your account you can just do it in preferences then if you want to change your map style you can easily do it here satellite Apple Maps just depending on which device you are so yeah just to stick to Google about themes there are a bunch of themes more themes coming soon Footprints you can just leave these Footprints to indicate that you have been to a particular location New Footprints can be recorded in a real-time manner whereas imported all Footprints data might require a few days for system to process and then coming soon ghost mode so yeah ghost mode is kind of like a um yeah where for your friends you can blur your location for example or you can freeze your location like so the friends won't be able to see where you are at this exact moment or we'll just see like the estimate location where you are right now um so yeah that's basically the idea just add friends here you can message each other and there are a lot of features which are uh being built out um so I think there was somewhere like their feature list uh what what they are trying to build soon so okay ghost mode you can also submit some feature requests here uh there are a lot of support in in this app and yeah here is the you can see the upcoming features so all right this is an Android app real-time location sharing it supports Apple Maps uh satellite map style Footprints all of that coming soon um ghost mode Emoji what's up from current status and then also under development is widgets and then who viewed your highlights and yeah so uh that's basically what you can see what you can expect specifically from this app and if you like Danley definitely give a try also to this app

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