BING with ChatGPT - quick and easy overview

new being so how to access it you just need to go to and uh then yeah you will just be introduced with this kind of pop-up introducing the new being um yeah it's not yet available for all devices um I think it's only available on desktop basically where yeah you can just try it out and then you can just join the white list so that's how you join the white list but you can just play around there are some example queries and this queries kind of look a bit different to your normal search queries it's not like you're searching for like uh you know just five best places to visit in summer but you just uh write more extensive search very similar as you chatting with your friends in the chat so it's like more natural language so you can just tap see examples and then for example if you just enter this search query you already should see these answers in in bing uh chat and this this is using cha GPT 3.5 as I understand so this is the newest model from open aih GPT if you probably already know like Microsoft invested a lot in charge GPT and they got access to the newest more advanced model of course these models gonna progress a lot and there will be more and more of them so yeah that's basically the idea uh you can try this out there are all these different queries which you can explore uh it's actually super cool and then you just have this chat in the in the bottom like in the right sidebar uh yeah you can see all of this notifications and that's actually pretty cool that they are giving anchors to to original source for a lot of people it can be quite frustrating the chat like the GPT chat or this being answers are just using direct content like Publishers content without referring but there is like Zara's references and maybe this references in future will be like the top source of traffic and then yeah you can just tap click to view and then you can tap learn more and there are just additional sources additional websites and then you can just tap join the white list so there you have it uh that's just a quick overview so yeah again just join the white list and then you can sign up

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