here is uh our your bionic reading abs so bionic reading transforms your text that you can focus uh better and basically it just makes bold some parts of the word and then you can just focus on that parts of the word and just release the whole text much much faster so yeah uh it's a new method facilitating the reading process by guiding the eyes through the text with artificial fixation fixation points as a result is only focusing on the highlight initial letters unless the bright center complete the world so bionic reading aims to encourage a more in-depth written understanding or written content so like for example just this section of text try to read it like you know focused and you will see that yet you can actually read it much faster um and it's super interesting technique i just discard it with this app there are a bunch of apps reader five fear feeds liar that that support that support bionic reading uh unfortunate order five inspired applier is by adapt fury feats is a free app and i installed it so for example i using this app and i subscribe to rss feed of my blog online so here you can just go through the through the app and then you can enable the some settings and then here basically you can enable in the settings if you search bionic reading you just enable that and then you can just add any feed subscribe to feed and then you can just try to read this so that's basically the idea and you can see how it's kind of it's a bit faster to read to read this it's actually pretty cool yeah so that's the whole idea of this bionic reading so yeah try it out it can be sometimes to be a bit disturbing but if you're reading a big book and like on kindle or something and you just want to enable that then it's actually pretty cool seeing i don't know if bionic reading is available on kindle app or anything but that's that

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