here is bionic reading app you can go to and this is the viral new trend uh basically this app transform your text into this kind of into this text where parts of the words are transformed is bold and just parts of the world are more bolder why would you do that so yeah just try to read this paragraph and you will see that actually if you're like focused you can read it faster than just a normal paragraph without these bold parts so that's pretty cool technique which helps you to to focus more and to get get more reading done it much faster time uh so as a result the reader is only focusing on the highlighted initial letters and lets the brain center complete the word in a digital world dominated by shallow forms written by only written aims to encourage a more in-depth reading and understanding on written content so like but which apps are supporting this so first of all there is like bionic reading api which you which app developers can use so sims there will be many apps which have supported that then you can use bionic reading converter which where you can just enter some tags or drop some txt microsoft word or epub documents even the whole books and transform that to this bionic mode and that at the moment there are like these three apps which are officially supported so there is reader 5 app uh which is one of the most famous like rss reader abs so you can get it here but it's like 4.99 and this is how it looks like so it has dark mode as well with bionic reading so this is what you will see if you subscribe to some newsletter or some blog this is what what's the bionic reading here but again this app is paid then there is app which is called fiery feeds this one is free and you can you can get bionic reading for free here you don't need to upgrade anything you don't need to subscribe you just need to enable bionic readiness settings and then this is how it will look like so you'll have bionic reading enabled and you not don't need to upgrade so that's that uh and then there is app which is called flyer uh li rss reader which you can also discover and this is the app here where you can also have bionic reading so these are the moments three apps of course you can also use bionic converter and if your app developer you can use bionicarin api but this feature is really get interaction a lot of bloggers are mentioning it and it's really amazing so yeah a cool feature uh try it out

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