BLOOMER random video chat app - how to create account?

hello everyone so let's install this app it's called bloomer random video chat so let's just type cat on it so recently it went into top charts in the app store and here is the app random video chat live chat and live translation discover new people real personal real profile direct messages send gifs and all of that it's around the video chat platform for strangers looking to meet new people you can connect with your callers and your random people around the world location and gender filter stop to start video chatting discover more new people and then you can also upgrade to bloomer premium for additional features calls chat gender selection and all of that you so your identity is hidden as well so this app is has thousand ratings four point nine out of five and yeah there are a bunch of these apps like real time video chat apps there is a new trending app like every day here uh but yeah let's explore this one at least how to create an account let's just go how to create an account and do a quick overview so just sign in with apple you can sign up with facebook or your email obviously then you just need to confirm your gender you can only do it once then you need just to apply the photo so i can just go to my photo library oops seems seems it's quite buggy so again let's just open it up and sign in with apple again so now again i'm choosing this confirm and then what i can do i can just take photo so then i can just use this photo can choose it and then i can just applaud it then there you have it you can allow using the app um so then it prompts you to sign up for the uh [Music] for the trial version and then there you have it that's the app and then you can just start connecting and can start matching up these people you then again you can so that's your account you have some messages here don't miss the important news then there are some coins you can recharge them and yep so that's basically it so hope that was helpful

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