BlueSky Social app - quick preview

hi everyone so as there is this new Jack Dorsey app uh called Blue Sky and it's one of the alternatives to Twitter and it's been developed by former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and he just released the beta test of Blue Sky social media app it's in white only at the moment Twitter users could have the chance to appear to an upcoming arrival social media at Blue Sky which launched this beta test on Apple's App Store Tuesday um yeah that's the idea basically uh blue sky was originally conceptualized as decentralized social network as an extension of Twitter but later broke off to platform of its own um so yeah that's basically the idea that a bada app can be downloaded from the app store by invite only and users who want to join can submit their email addresses to be placed on the waiting list and yeah it's just super similar to uh uh to Twitter you can add the first you can add photos and then so yeah that's by the idea is that um there is this is a new decentralized uh decentralized um standard for social media there are other apps in this category popping up like uh damos app and yeah some others basically when the social media app is just like a front-end it's just like a web interface and the back end all the content of the users or the followers Etc they're just like decentralized it's kind of it's not blockchain backhand but for example damos app is just based on nostril protocol which is like completely back and decentralized protocol and maybe something similar will happen to Blue Sky so check it out

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