BRAVE Private Browser app - HOW TO USE? Full overview

curious brave web browser so let's just open it up and then uh yeah so this browser is uh is getting more and more popularity and you can set it as default browser or you can do uh yeah so let's see the brave different no snow trackers way faster page load of course people are always looking for alternatives for chrome or yeah basically google chrome or safari which are basically just google chrome is dominating the market people have a lot of questions if google can be trusted and the main focus here is that brave is very privacy focused web browser which is one of the core issues these days and this browser prevents you from being tracked by ads and then there is also firewall and vpn and night mode https everywhere tracking protection pop-up blocker sales battery and data so yeah that's the browser you can go to reddit for example brave rewards opt-in interpret uh private ad supports publisher and content creator with every ad viewed [Music] so yeah you can tap so that's that anyways so we can just go through the wikipedia for example i wouldn't say that it loads like much faster you can see advanced controls [Music] here there are some additional settings you can enable bright vpn there are additional settings you can add bookmark create add search engine sit down lots then you can go to settings you can set it as default browser as well by zoom browser lock so that's basically some settings uh so here you can see things like uh how many ads and other creepy things blocked so for example let's if we go to like to stuff like or something and and let's then see then you can see just on which is one of the popular domains in the world said there are at least 11 ads blocked uh and then all the these trackers logged so that's why this this browser is quite popular because you can see all these trackers being blocked and all of that so people are quite concerned about [Music] about their privacy and they don't want to be targeted with countless display ads all the time so yeah anyhow i'm also just starting to discover this brave browser on mobile so yep that's basically very simple overview to have to give you an idea how it can work and then you can see in privacy hub how many trackers you block today how many dates are saved how many times saved then there are brave rewards i don't know if like brave has like its own cryptocurrency or something like that or yeah so but anyhow hope this was helpful as a beginner tutorial

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